What Every Property Investor Ought to Know About Termites

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One out of every three homes in Australia has termites, according to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). And here in the Sydney area, the chances of termite infestation is considered to be higher than average.

That’s why property investors and homebuyers, in order to protect their investments, need to know as much as they can about termite prevention and control. It’s essential to preserve the value of their property.

Termites (or white ants) destroy property from the inside out. Once they find a piece of timber near to the ground, they can slowly, but surely, hollow out every structural timber right up to the roof. If left to their natural ways, termites have been known to cause many thousands of dollars of damage to Australian homes.

HTermite Pest Inspections Sydneyow Can You Protect Against Termites?

Begin by inspecting your home and surrounding property about twice a year for signs of termite infestation. Look for mud mounds or tunnels in your yard and around your home’s foundation and check your sub floor for damage. Also look for swarms of flying termites in the spring.

Remove all timber stacks, old stumps, building refuse and cardboard stacks from your property. And since termites are drawn to water, repair all leaking water pipes and capture any water that drains from your home’s air conditioning units.

How Can You Control Termites?

If you’re doing regular inspections and discover signs of termite infestation, don’t panic. Just because termites are found around your yard doesn’t mean they’ve necessarily caused damage to your property. But you should have someone come to inspect the infestation. Fast.

Although there are some DIY termite remedies, termite infestation is much too serious of a problem to be left to the amateur. The best course of action is to call a professional termite control expert to analyse your problem and offer effective solutions.

Remember the value of your home is at stake, so act quickly and act wisely.

For peace of mind, visit Pink Inspections if you would like to get a Pest & Termite Inspection before you decide to buy a property in Sydney.

For more information, check out what the NSW Government of Fair Trading have to say about termite risk management on new home or addition builds.