What is a Strata Title?

A Strata Title is a legal document that proves ownership of a section or lot of a building or property. A strata title may be used for townhomes, villas, and many other types of
properties. Strata titles are used to divide properties into units and common property, such as the land above or below the building and any elevators, car park, stairs and other features commonly used by the inhabitants.

Advantages of Buying into a Strata Title

  • The owners receive a title for their lot of the property.
  • Properties with a Strata title are valued at around 20% to 30% higher than non-titled properties.
  • You have voting rights in building administration concerns.

Disadvantages of Buying into a Strata Title

  • The sale and value of other units in your building will directly affect your unit.
  • You may pay out of pocket for structural problems on the property.
  • You may need to contribute to levies on the property.
  • IMPORTANT: When you purchase a property it is vital to obtain a strata title report.

Strata title reports are administered by fully licensed and experienced inspectors. Each report9 pages long with attached supporting documentation and will provide you with important legal and financial information about the property.

Important Strata Title Inspection Details:

  • Insurance Issues
  • Levies
  • Litigation
  • Pet Regulations
  • Accounting and financial record inspection
  • Strata Titles Act Breaches
  • Summary of meetings
  • Current / past building defect matters.
  • Current / past remedial works.
  • Any outstanding Tribunal Orders or local Council Orders.
  • Compliance Reports / Certificates (ie. Fire Safety, OH&S, Sinking Fund requirements, Asbestos, etc)

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