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“Detailed, Easy-To-Read Pest Reports Delivered Within 48 HOURS* of Gaining Access or Your Money Back”

Before you buy property in Sydney, order a thorough pest report from Pink Inspections.

Why? Because termites and other destructive timber pests currently attack 1 in 5 homes, and this rate is increasing.

What Is A Pest Inspection Report?

A timber pest inspection looks for the signs of damage or activity of timber destroying organisms such as subterranean termties, wood boring beetles (borers) and fungal decay (rot). The inspection and report must comply with Australian Standard 4349.3. The inspector will report on the presence of termites, borers and decay, any damage detected and also record any conducive conditions that may make a future attack more likely.

A timber pest inspection is often called a Pest Report or Pest Inspection and is a visual, non-invasive inspection and includes inspection of the following areas: roof cavity, interior, exterior, outbuildings, fences, landscaping timbers, trees and stumps.

Save Yourself From Unnecessary Risks And Costs

Your investment in a professional pest report is tiny compared with the cost of dealing with a termite or pest problem left unchecked.

It pays to check that you’re not purchasing a “termite time bomb” before you “sign on the dotted line” by ordering a pest inspection report from Pink.

Why Choose Pink Inspection Services?

  • We’re Termite Specialists: We’re Sydney’s leading termite control experts, specialising in effective, family-friendly termite control methods.
  • * FAST Service: We Guarantee to deliver your pest report within 48 hours of gaining access to the property or it’s FREE (applies to fax or email delivery; excludes weekends and public holidays).
  • Quality Reports : All pest reports comply with Australian Standard AS 4349.3. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the concise, easy-to-read format of your report.
  • Personalised Service: We’re happy to pay particular attention to any areas of concern that you may have at no extra charge. Our inspectors also make themselves available to discuss the findings of your report, either onsite or over the phone.
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Over 27 Years Experience
  • We’re trusted my hundreds of conveyancing and legal firms to perform pest inspections for their clients.


“What information will I see in my Pest Inspection?”

Your Visual Timber Pest Inspection Report is compliant with Australian Standard AS 4349.3.

Here’s an outline of the information you’ll see in your report:

  • A summary of any timber pest activity or existing damage found, including that caused by termites, borers or wood decay fungi.
  • Individual sections detailing timber pest activity or damage to the:
    • Roof
    • Interior
    • Subfloor
    • Ventilation
    • External Timbers
    • Fences
    • Garaging
  • Evidence of prior termite treatment to the property, if any.
  • Summary of recommendations relating to more comprehensive timber pest inspection or control measures, if appropriate.

Professional Recommendations

The Timber Pest Report will include recommendations for steps to be taken to reduce the risk of timber pest attack and where necessary, recommendations for remedial work to control termite attack. The inspector will report on any areas or factors present that are conducive to timber pest attack such as water leaks, poor subfloor ventilation, timber stored below or against buildings etc.

Pest Professionals

Timber pest inspectors should have an understanding of the behaviour and biology of timber pests, the damage they cause and methods of control and risk reduction. They should also carry adequate insurance to protect their clients against errors and ommissions.

What’s Not Included In A Standard Pest Inspection

Accessible areas only are inspected and the inspector may make recommendations for further access to be made or for more specialist inspections to be carried out such as thermal imaging or fibre optic inspections with a borescope.

A timber pest report does NOT report on other pests which do not threaten timber such as fleas, ants, cockroaches, rats, mice etc although the report may make mention of them.

How To Order

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