What is a Company Title?

What is a Company Title?

A company title is a form of property title that proves you have ownership in the “body corporate” of a building. Essentially, you’re a shareholder in a private company along with all of the other property owners of the building. If you’re curious about the advantages and disadvantages to a company title, then please read on.

Advantages of a Company Title

  • Generally less expensive than Strata Titles
  • Generally easier to resolve issues with the management of a company title building

Disadvantages of a Company Title

  • Share value may not increase at the same rate as ownership with a Strata Title
  • The “company” of shareholders must approve the purchase or rental of a unit
  • Banks and lending institutions may be less likely to approve a loan for a Company Title

Technically, you don’t own the unit when you have a Company Title. Instead, you are ashareholder in a company that owns the building, which grants you rights to live in a particular space.

NOTE: It is essential to obtain a Company Title Report before making a purchase.


A company title report can reveal important information that you need to know before entering any financial transaction!

Detail such as:

  • Your obligations as a shareholder
  • Current financial health of the company
  • Restrictions that may be placed on any tenant
  • Whether or not you can rent the property
  • Insurance problems or claims
  • What the directors can and cannot do
  • Repair and maintenance issues
  • Rules regarding common areas and parking spaces
  • Storage area regulations
  • Balcony restrictions
  • How much power the directors really hold

…and much, much more.

You deserve to know everything you can about a property before you invest your hard-earned money.

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