Where you order a pre-purchase Timber Pest, Building or Strata Report we guarantee that:

  1. We will have your report ready for delivery by email or fax within 48 hours of gaining access to the property, or, in the case of a Strata Report, access to the records. This time frame excludes weekends and public holidays.
  2. Our Timber Pest Reports and Standard Building Reports will comply with Australian Standards 4349.3 and 4349.1 respectively.
  3. Our Standard Building Reports will be provided by authorised Licensees of Pink Inspection Services ® who hold Building Consultancy Licences issued by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.
  4. Our Timber Pest Reports will be provided by authorised licensees of Pink Inspection Services ® who hold Units 8 & 10 of the National Pest Management Competency Standards.
  5. Our Strata Reports will be provided by highly experienced inspectors
  6. Our inspectors will be available to discuss the content of your report with you.
  7. Our inspectors are all independently insured and carry both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance for your protection.
“I guarantee to ensure our company complies with these guidelines. Should we fail to meet these guidelines in any material way, I will personally ensure that you receive a full refund for the report you have ordered. This is my personal guarantee to you.”

Mal Trotter, Owner