Buying Or Selling A House With A Pool: What You Need To Know Selling Considerations

Residential Pool CertificatesIf you are selling an existing home, or purchasing a new property that includes a pool, there are specific guidelines and rules that must be followed.  A savvy real estate professional must be familiar with all of the relevant laws, and should provide the pertinent information to perspective clients, be they buyers or sellers of a property.  Your realtor should be able to direct you to an expert pool inspection company who will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the current laws.

Here are some of the important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Safety Certificate – As a seller of a property with a pool, they must maintain a pool safety certificate.   This document must be current and in effect.  If the home sale process is in the pre-purchase phase, a copy will need to be provided to the prospective buyer before the final sale of the property can take place.  If there is an issue with the safety certificate not being current or in effect, then the home seller must obtain an application for Form36.  This must be in place before the closing of the sale on the property.
  • General state of the property – Pool safety certificates are obtained from safety inspectors, who will make a thorough inspection of the pool area.  Other structures such as fencing and gates will also be carefully observed at the time of your inspection. Gates must be self-closing and self-latching.  The fence must be of a certain height for the safety of small children. A sign detailing how to preform CPR must be placed in a visible area near the pool.  All of these factors will be carefully observed and assessed by the professional inspector.  These inspectors are certain to make sure all the newest safety measures are current, and have been properly addressed by the property owner before a safety certificate can be issued.
  • Never forget, safety is the primary concern – A professional pool safety inspector will have knowledge of possible exemptions regarding specific points on the safety certificates.  For example, certain forms of disabilities will allow pool owners to have modified gates or other apparatuses.No matter what exemptions you may have, the Inspectors will be current with all relevant standards.  These professionals are extremely careful and take their inspections very seriously, as the safety of others is a vital concern.

As the owner of a property that includes a pool, you will undoubtedly enjoy quality time without ever having to leave the comforts of your own home.  This delightful luxury will enjoyed for years to come.  However, pool ownership also includes a great responsibility for the safety of others.  A professional safety inspector can guide you through this process, and ensure that all your safety practices are current.