Why Do I Need a Pest Report?

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In Australia, pests are problems in around 1 in 5 homes – and if you’re in the process of purchasing a new property, obtaining a pest report should be a priority before you sign to commit to purchase. As an owner, the last thing you want to end up with is a property that’s infested with termites. Unfortunately, termite presence is difficult to detect and they can remain unnoticed until they’ve caused a substantial amount of damage to a home’s structure – this is why it’s so vital to obtain a pest report before committing to any home purchase.

Of course, there may be nothing wrong with your property – but unless you obtain an official pest report, you won’t be sure. A pest report could help you save money in the long run and may even save you from buying a property that needs tens of thousands of dollars spent on it to repair termite damage.

  • Organising a pest report should be considered a must for any potential buyer – termites are a major issue in Australia, and the damage they cause is not covered under home insurance policies.
  • A pest report is also essential because many timber-destroying pests are not easily visible or detectable by the naked eye. A home may appear immaculate, but because termites eat wood from the inside out, wood can retain its appearance whilst being hollow inside. A pest report can expose these issues, giving you the opportunity to decide which path to take with your prospective purchase.
  • A pest report will also allow you to re-evaluate the condition of the property and its true value. For example, if your pest report shows a termite problem in your fence, this may be easily fixable and you might still go ahead with the purchase. However, if the termite problem is located in the building’s foundation or roof, you might want to reconsider buying altogether.
  • If your initial pest report does uncover a problem and you are still keen to buy, you can ask the current owner/vendor to resolve the issue before you sign. If they are keen to sell, they may comply, delivering you a win-win situation: you’ll still be able to purchase the property you want, with the benefit of getting it pest free.

Dealing with the presence of termites can be very costly. Even if their presence if fresh and the damage limited, a termite treatment to remove them may cost several thousand dollars. A worst case scenario can cost the unsuspecting home buyer much more. A pest report is an inexpensive way for a buyer to safeguard themselves against the risk of purchasing a termite infested home.